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Chemistry and Molecular Engineering

Founded in 1956, the School of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering of Zhengzhou University, with the support of MOE, Henan Province government and this university, has gained great achievement in personnel training, scientific research, and social services.

Now, this school has 194 academic staff, 5 academicians (including 3 part-time academicians), 2 distinguished professors at provincial level, 1 distinguished teacher at provincial level, 59 professors, 40 associate professors, 15 senior experimenters and senior engineers, 148 full-time teachers, wherein 123 of them are PhD holders.

The school has a first-level doctor station of Chemistry, first-level discipline master station of Chemistry, mobile postdoctoral station of Chemistry, offers 4 second-level doctoral programs: Applied Chemistry, Industrial Catalysis, Medicinal Chemistry, and Chemical biology, and 5 second-level master programs: Applied Chemistry, Industrial Catalysis, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Analysis, and Environmental Science. Among them, the first-level discipline of Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, and Industrial Catalysis are the key disciplines of Henan Province. The school now is equipped with Chemical Biology and Organic Chemistry Key Laboratory in Henan province, Environmental Chemistry and Low Carbon Technology Key Laboratory, Phosphating Engineering Technology Research Center, Organophosphate Functional Molecule International Joint Laboratory, Energy and Environment International Joint Laboratory.

Currently, the student enrollment in the school has about 1168 undergraduates, 671 postgraduates, 94 doctors and 15 post doctors. And many of these 9000 undergraduates, 2600 postgraduates, 280 doctors, and 70 post doctors from this school are now holding important positions in the Government, the private sectors, and academic institutions.

Program in School of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering

Degree Program Language Period
Bachelor Chemistry  Chinese 4
Applied Chemistry Chinese 4
Master Industrial Catalysis Chinese 3
Environmental Engineering Chinese 3
Environmental Science & Engineering Chinese 3
Analytical Chemistry Chinese 3
Chemistry Chinese 3
Chemical Biology Chinese 3
Inorganic Chemistry Chinese 3
Physical Chemistry Chinese 3
Applied Chemistry Chinese 3
Organic Chemistry Chinese 3
Pharmaceutical Analysis Chinese 3
Medicinal Chemistry Chinese 3
Doctor Industrial Catalysis Chinese 4
Analytical Chemistry Chinese 4
Inorganic Chemistry Chinese 4
Physical Chemistry Chinese 4
Applied Chemistry Chinese 4
Organic Chemistry Chinese 4
Medicinal & Chemistry Chinese 4

Well-known Professor

Name Research Field Research interests Contact Remarks
Cao Shuxia Chemistry,Organic spectroscopy chemistry of organic phosphorus
Chen Xiaolan Chemistry
Organic Phosphorus chemistry, Chemical Biology
Duan Zheng Organic Chemistry
Organic phosphorus compounds
Gao Jiefang Chemistry
The metal organic chemistry
Guan Xin Chemistry
Synthesis & catalytic reaction of new catalytic materials
Guo Xianji Physical Chemistry
Preparation and photocatalytic properties of pillared layered transition metal oxides
Gao Jiefang Environment Chemistry
 Pollutants adsobent
Gao Jiefang Metal organic chemistry
metal–organic frameworks
Li Zhaohui Chemical Biology
Nano material application in Chemical Biology, Single molecule / cell bio-medicine
Song Chuanjun Medicinal Chemistry

Total synthesis of natural product and its analogs
Yan Hu Polymer inorganic material

Organic transparent electrodes, Organic thermoelectric materials, Conducting polymer inorganic nanotube hybridized functional materials, Super water-repellent materials, Bio-degradable polymer nanoparticles
Zhu Zhiwu Medicinal Chemistry, 

Chemical Biology and Biochemistry

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Name:  Liu Chenxiang
Tel: 86 371 67781815

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