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College of Public Health

College of Public Health, formerly named as the Department of Public Health of the Medical school, was established in 1928. After the separation of the Medical school from the Henan University in 1956, the former Medical school became the Henan Medical College, and the Department of Public Health was changed as Division of Public Health, and then the Division was upgraded and renamed as College of Public Health while the Henan Medical College was renamed as the Henan Medical University in 1984. The college now belongs to the Zhengzhou University in 2000. The College of Public Health is the only academic school for training qualified scientists and professionals in the field of public health and preventive medicine in Henan province.

Currently, there are 9 departments, three divisions, one lab center of teaching, two research institutes and one research center in the college. The college has two Doctoral programs, five Master programs and three key professional fields at provincial level. There are 70 faculty members including 20 professors, 26 associate professors. There are three and two experts at national and provincial levels respectively. There are seven and thirty-seven advisors for doctor and master students respectively. There are five and six core young teachers at provincial and university levels. There are over 500 pieces of laboratory instruments worth over ten thousand Yuan. The value of fixed assets is over thirty million Yuan. 

Since 2003, the college has received seventeen scientific achievements, rewards and patents, of which, six were at national level. The college has been rewarded as the advanced general Party branch of the university for continuous five years. In 2000, the college received the honor of advanced basic Party organization of universities in Henan province.

Program offered in College of Public Health

Degree Program Language Period
Bachelor Preventive Medicine Chinese 4
Master Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health Chinese 3
Master of Public Health Chinese 3
Occupational and Environmental Health Chinese 3
Epidemiology and Health Statistics Chinese 3
Social Medicine and Health Management Chinese 3
Hygiene Toxicology Chinese 3
Nutrition and Food Hygiene Chinese 3
Doctor Occupational and Environmental Health English  4
Occupational and Environmental Health Chinese 4
Epidemiology and Health Statistics English  4
Epidemiology and Health Statistics Chinese 4
Nutrition and Food Hygiene English  4
Nutrition and Food Hygiene Chinese 4

Departments in the School

Department Telephone Email Website
Epidemiology 86 371 67781964
Health Statistics 86 371 67781960
Health Occupational Disease 86 371 67781918
Environmental Hygiene 86 371 67781796
Nutrition Food Hygiene 86 371 67781928
Adolescent Maternal Health Care 86 371 67781795
Hygiene Toxicology 86 371 67781798
Hygienic Chemistry 86 371 67781794
Public Health Administration 86 371 67781961

Well Known Professors

Name  Research Field Research interests Contact  Remarks 
Zhang Xiaofeng张晓峰

Li Xiaofang李小芳

Feng Liyun冯丽云

Huang Hui黄 辉

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Master & Doctor Program:

Name: Wang Qi
Tel: 86 371 67781963

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Address: School of International Education, Zhengzhou University, 100 Science Avenue, Zhengzhou, Henan, 450001, P. R. China


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