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Basic Medical Sciences

The history of Basic Medical school of Zhengzhou University can be traced back to Medicine Department of National Henan University founded in 1928. Currently, our school has a large number of talented faculties including 42 professors, 59 associate professor, 4 specialists who are entitled to special allowance from the state council, one candidate of the new century "Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talents Project" in China,.

The school attaches huge importance to basic science and its combination with clinical on transnational medicine. In order to optimize the talents and resources,it established the "discipline department" system which combines the scientific research system and the teaching system.

There are 14 departments and 2 teaching lab centers. It has set up basic medicine, clinical medicine, pharmacy primary discipline and biology for doctorate degree and one basic medicine mobile post-doctorate program. The doctorate programs cover human Anatomy and histoembryology, immunology & pathology, pathologic physiology, pathogenic microbiology, medical jurisprudence, physiology, neurobiology, cell biology & genetics, biochemistry and molecular biology and pharmacology. Pathology and pathologic physiology are the national key disciplines, while physiology & pharmacology and immunology are the provincial key disciplines.

Our school not only focuses on the discipline construction, but also pays much attention to the research development and the personnel training. There are a number of research institutes and a number of national and provincial key laboratories for basic medicine research.The research conditions and equipment has reached world-level covering an area of 30,000 square meters while the values of equipment are up to 2 hundred million RMB.

The researchers of the school closely follows the international trace of biomedical field in basic and translational research. Since the "Tenth Five-Year Plan", our school has assumed more than 100 national and provincial key program of different projects as "973 Project", "863 Project" "National key scientific and technological project" &“key projects in the national science & technology pillar program during the eleventh five-year plan period”,“China National Funds for Distinguished Young Scientists”,“The National Natural Science Foundation of China " etc.

Programs Offered in School of Basic Medical Sciences

Type Program Instruction Language Period


Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Chinese/English 3
Pathogenic Biology Chinese/English 3
Neurobiology Chinese/English 3
Physiology Chinese/English 3
Genetics Chinese/English 3
Public Health and Preventive Medicine Chinese/English 3
Pathology and Pathophysiology Chinese/English 3
Forensic Medicine Chinese/English 3
Radiation Medicine Chinese 3
Radiation Medicine English 3
Basic Medicine Chinese 3
Immunology English 3
Immunology Chinese 3
Human Anatomy,Histology&Embryology Chinese/English 3
Medical Neurobiology Chinese/English 3
Molecular Pharmacology Chinese/English 3
Pharmacology Chinese/English 3
Doctor Pathogenic Biology English 4
Pathogenic Biology Chinese 4
Pathology and Pathophysiology English 4
Pathology and Pathophysiology Chinese 4
Forensic Medicine English 4
Forensic Medicine Chinese 4
Radiation Medicine English 3
Radiation Medicine Chinese 3
Immunology Chinese 4
Immunology English 4
Human Anatomy,Histology& Embryology Chinese 4
Human Anatomy,Histology&Embryology English 4
Medical Neurobiology English 4
Medical Neurobiology Chinese 4
Molecular Pharmacology Chinese 4
Molecular Pharmacology English 4

Departments in School

Department Feature Fields Contact
Human Anatomy The neural and molecular mechanisms of neuropathic pain; The central nervous system damage and repair 86 371 67781959
Physiology & Neuroscience The cerebral mechanism of sleep
Histology & Embryology Molecular biology of digestive tract cancer; Transgenic animal research
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Molecular Mechanisms of Tumor Genesis; Molecular Biological Pathogenesis of Cardiovascular Diseases; Molecular Mechanisms of Bone Disease
Medical Genetics & Cell Biology Screening of the pathogenic genes of genetic diseases; Molecular mechanism and genetic diagnosis of hereditary diseases; Kinetic mechanism of mitochondria in the occurrence of glioma. 86 37167781978
Pathogenic biology Trichinelliasis; Sparganosis; Trichomonas vaginalis; Tumor associated virus
Forensic Medicine Molecular mechanisms of ethanol poisoning; Medical genetics in forensic science. 86 371 66658173
Pathology & Physiology Pathogenesis and biological treatment of esophageal cancer; Stem cells and nervous system diseases
Pharmacology Genetic pharmacology; Cardiovascular pharmacology; Tumor pharmacology; neuropharmacology
Basic Oncology Causes, prevention, and treatment of esophageal cancer Pre-cancerous lesion of esophageal carcinoma 86 371 67781938
Immunology Tumor immunity; Autoimmune and hypersensitivity reactions; Anti infection immunity; Cell transplantation and immune reconstitution

Well-known Professor

Name  Research Field Research interests Contact  Remarks 
He Ying贺颖
Gao Na郜娜
Zhou Jinxue周进学
Zhang Haifeng张海风
Li Zhihua李治华
Fang baijun房佰俊
Li Min李敏
Zhao Zhihua赵志华
Zeng Zhaoshu曾昭书
Li Xiang李翔

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Name: Qiao Peng 
Tel:  86 371 67780120

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