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Tuition and Fee Structures

Tuition consists of the cost of your study in the University, and consists of charges of registration, tuition, supervision, examinations and graduation. Payment of fees will entitle you to membership of the Library, the Students' Union and the Athletic Union.

To provide you with certainty in your financial planning, we have fixed tuition fees for new international students for the duration of their course. Any offer of a place at the University is made on the understanding that you have sufficient funds to pay for your tuition fees and your living expenses for the entire duration of your period of study. Except the applicant with full scholarship, they will have their tuition, lodging, registration fee covered by the scholarship.

Fees vary for each program. Details of individual program fees can be found in the profiles of the program.

Tuition ( Chinese RMB /Academic Year) 
Field Bachelor Master Doctorate Visiting Scholar
Humanity & Social Science 20000 25000 24000 29000 30000 35000 24000 28000
Science & Engineering 23000 28000 29000 34000 34000 39000 29000 34000
Medicine 30000 35000 36000 40000 40000 45000 35000 40000
Physical & Sports 27000 32000 35000 NA NA NA 18000 NA
Fine Arts & Music 27000 32000 35000 NA NA NA 21000 NA
1. For EMI MBBS program the tuition fee is 35000/year in 2015. 2. For Chinese language training program, the tuition is RMB15000 for one academic year, 7500 for one semester, and 2000 for one month. For short-term Chinese language training program, please check the detailed information of the program.
*.EMI stands for English Mediated Instruction, CMI stands for Chinese Mediated Instruction *.This is only for your reference, and the tuition is subjected to alteration. You are recommended to check it during your application.

Besides the tuition fees, there are also a number of other fees that international students should take into account. These fees are:

Items Estimated Amount
Application Fee Application fee is ¥ 600.
Registration Fee Registration fee is  ¥ 200/year
Text books ¥ 800/year (estimated)
Lodging fee ¥ 450-1800/month (Varied according to type of lodging, please& refer to the accommodation section)
Meal  ¥ 1000-1500/month (estimated)
Comprehensive Insurance  ¥ 800 per year
Physical Examination Fee  ¥ 350
Residence Permit Fee ¥ 430/time (For one year or more than one year study)
Total Living Cost

¥ 50,000/year (Estimated amount for food, clothes, traffic, lodging for one year)


  • 1. ZZU requires all foreign students to be covered by the Comprehensive Insurance Plan of Foreign Students sponsored by Ping-An of China, which includes Accidental Injury Medical Treatment Insurance and Hospitalization Medical Insurance, not covering out-patient treatment expenses of common disease.
  • 2. Residence Permit Fee is billed by Immigration Department.

  • Paying your fees

    All students are invited to note that you should pay all fees as scheduled. According to the new regulation, students who do not settle their fee payment within 30 days after due date shall be de-registered and prohibited from using University facilities and services. In order to reinstate the student status and have University facilities and services resumed, the students has to pay a surcharge of 10% of outstanding fees (the money has not yet been paid), IN ADDITION to settling the outstanding fees. The student may also be required to compensate the University for any loss of interest for any late payment or non-payment of fees.